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Χάρτης αστικών διαδρομών Ηρακλείου - obibok - 02-06-2015

After the map of buses Χανίων, I just have finished another one - for Ηράκλειο:


RE: Χάρτις αστικών διαδρομών Ηρακλείου - Giannis - 02-06-2015

Nice work obibok! I will definitely use this map next time I go to Heraklion!

RE: Χάρτης αστικών διαδρομών Ηρακλείου - obibok - 03-06-2015

But remember: there is nothing sure and safe. Theoretically each bus going to the port shall be as line 20, and to the airport - line 1.
So on the stop by πλ. Ελευθερίας I could find only two routes - 1 and 20 (but where are 7 to Αμνισσος and 14 to Καλλιθέα?)

However, sometimes we can find a bus such this one:
Obviously it shall be number 20, not 11.