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Πλήρης Έκδοση: ex Greece Mercedes-Benz O303
Επί του παρόντος βλέπετε μία λιτή έκδοση του περιεχόμενού μας. Θέαση πλήρης έκδοσης με κατάλληλη διάταξη.
Greetings from Russia!
We continue to use the old buses from Greece.
You can check the number plates when they were exported and other information?

1. http://fotobus.msk.ru/vehicle/571655/#n655873
2. http://fotobus.msk.ru/vehicle/588555/#n677815
3. http://fotobus.msk.ru/vehicle/455890/#n471064
4. http://fotobus.msk.ru/vehicle/279229/#n293702
5. http://fotobus.msk.ru/vehicle/350373/#n385295

Thanks for your help.
Welcome Therion!

Old greek buses seem to be very common in Russia. And not only O303s but a plenty of makes and models, even greek built ones!

Now let's see what we have here:

1. XNA-8532 ex KTEL Chanion-Rethymnou #34 M.Y.1979 chassis no. 300__513018464
2. XNE-6788 ex KTEL Chanion-Rethymnou #73
3. TI-3750 ex KTEL Larissas #31
4. Maybe it is one of BOM-5028 ex KTEL Magnesias #37, EBE-4787 ex KTEL Evrou #37 or HNA-6687 ex KTEL Thesprotias #37 but as I have no photos of them to compare to it I'm not sure.
5. KZB-4677 ex KTEL Kozanis #138 (needs to be confirmed also).

All above imported secondhand from W. Europe.

For any further information contact me any time here, or at fotobus too... (same nickname)
Thanks you for your help.
I chose only the bus with preserved fleet numbers.
There are many buses from Greece, but without fleet numbers and other information.

You can identify this Biamax O302?
Therion, try to make a list of them and give me some time to identify as more as I can...

Now for the O302... It has an excellenent paintjob that replicates the one carried on wm74's carrier of "nationalmannschaft" and this is what makes it unidentifiable. No past colour, no past plates, no chassis no. Cetrainly it is one of the hundreds of O302 made by Biamax more likely to be one of the 1977-78 models but as far it is impossible even to guess which is it. Is there any chance to find its chassis no via its registration plate? I have almost all chassis numbers of Biamax's built O302 so then I'll be able to identify it.